Fitting Exercise into an Already Crowded Schedule in 2012

It’s much more than good time management!

First, take some time and think about what is really going on with you — Allergic to exercise, but you know you should?  Too much demand, not enough time?  Lack of control and discipline?  Too much caring for others?

What are the secrets to fitting in exercise?  Find out what makes you happy!  What delights you!  What do you look forward to?  Be willing to ask yourself, “How can I better care for me?  What is it that I truly need?”  Give yourself permission to enjoy your exercise.  Seduce yourself into calling it “creative movement” or whatever works for you.  For example, call walking (for aerobic exercise) a “moving meditation”.

Conventional wisdom is that a good exercise program includes stretching, strengthening, aerobic activity and relaxation, ideally, all aspects in the same routine, but sometimes it is necessary to break up these parts into separate activities.  Decide for yourself the type of movement you will do.

Then, make an appointment with yourself – write this activity in your calendar or planner.  Start with realistic goals and get support for doing it.  Find a walking partner or a fitness coach or a friend to attend classes with if this might help keep you accountable on the exercise program you are designing for yourself.  Set consistent times and keep these appointments with yourself, as you would keep any other commitment.  If you are just starting out, once a week is a good start.  Ideally, exercise three times a week, in the morning if possible.   I have also heard recommendations from health care providers to do some form of exercise for 30 minutes per day, five days per week.

If you are going to exercise at home, find a location that is conducive to exercise and see that as your special time for yourself.  Get your props (mat, DVDs, etc.) ready, and pick a time that fits into your schedule.

Enjoy yourself, and remember that starting can be the hardest part.  And remember to breathe!  Keep your sense of humor, and give yourself rewards and positive acknowledgments on the way.  Always be gentle with yourself as you make progress, and you will!  There are no shortcuts, but you can empower yourself to design a program on your schedule that will include stretching, strengthening, aerobic and relaxation!

Please visit my website at and check out my class schedule and DVDs, books and mp3s available for home practice. If I can help you meet your goals in 2012, it would be my pleasure to do so!  Namaste and Happy New Year!