Gentle Yoga with Naomi Exercise Video – DVD


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2 half-hour Gentle Yoga routines.


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A video that makes yoga easily accessible to people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. If you’ve never done yoga, haven’t exercised in years, feel you’re too old or too overweight, this is the program for you. Gentle Yoga with Naomi® simplifies the yoga movements so the healthful, calming, rejuvenating benefits are accessible to everyone-in the privacy of your own home. This weight and stress management regimen features calming gentle warm-up poses, active, easy postures to improve strength and flexibility, followed by a series of cool-down movements which balance and reintegrate the body, mind and spirit.

Each DVD has 2 half-hour yoga routines.
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European - PAL format

European – PAL format

6 reviews for Gentle Yoga with Naomi Exercise Video – DVD

  1. Anonymous

    Before the yoga video, I was unable to do usual physical tasks such as get up from the floor, walking without falling, and be in pain most of the day. Now am much more flexible, strong enough to get up off the floor and live pain-free…Also I am off my blood pressure medicine. I have not fallen in 13 months…

  2. Anonymous

    I have lupus and this really helps with joint stiffness…My joints are better and Yoga helps reduce my anxiety…After class I always feel much more limber & relaxed.

  3. YogaJournal

    The emphasis is on self-awareness and working within comfortable limits toward attainable goals. I recommend this program to people who find public classes overly challenging and want a yoga-based home practice appropriate to their special needs.

  4. Tracy Kaltenbrun, Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    The instruction is clear. … I used the stretching exercises for eyes and neck, accompanied by deep breathing, and they left me feeling relaxed and energized. Recommended for public libraries with a demand for exercise and weight management videos.

  5. Video Previews, BILLBOARD Magazine

    This kinder, gentler fitness regime is oriented toward older people and those who may have let their bodies go but are ready to make a commitment to better health.

  6. Nancy Z. Spillman, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

    Personalized/gentle variations [of yoga] for just about anyone (male/female, young/old, slender/obese). … If followed regularly, Gentle Yoga would provide viewers better control over their bodies.

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