I Was There!

It wasn’t easy. It really was more of an adventure. This was intended from the beginning to be a people visit- a homecoming of sorts- my first stop to see my brother. I started visualizing and meditating for days that it would be a trip that would bring us closer.

It started out with one of my connecting flights being cancelled, thanks to inclement weather, so I spent the night on the Newark airport floor, freezing. My brother picked me up the next day in Baltimore. I slept, we went shopping, I made him our mom’s hamburgers, we spent Shabbat together, and saw “The Help” with my mom’s best friend and her son. It was excellent and good to be together.

I left by train on Monday for the Cape- I was only away for one hour when we went through the earthquake. The trip with my brother was a success when he said (for the first time) that he missed me when I left.

From Boston I took a bus to Hyannis. The highlight of that part was the whale watching, fresh New England corn and home grown tomatoes. (Yum!)

I got the last bus out of Hyannis on Friday and entered NYC on the eve of Irene. What an adventure- Saturday night I went through a tornado possible evacuation with my dear friend and her daughter and dog. The dog stayed under the bed.

I was so relieved the next morning when the eye of the storm moved and all we experienced were torrential rains and heavy winds. I stayed two blocks from where I lived when I lived in New York and I felt like I was living a review of my last 30 years. And I have come far. I have the inner scars and the outer strength to prove it.

I love my life. I know I have definitely made the right choice to move to San Diego and my life is an adventure most definitely- even without hurricanes, tornado watches, and earthquakes.

I loved being with my long time friends, seeing where we’ve all come from and sharing with them all my non medical survival tricks and tools. My Bach Flowers, my Young Living. I was pouring them with peace and calming Young Living with mimbulus and rescue remedy…

The Chinese restaurant I used to frequent was gone. Amazing to say that our San Diego food is just as good (no kidding). I went to my old facial place and got a wonderful facial, walked lots of city blocks and got through TSA at Kennedy Airport with all my Zabar’s goodies. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

My trip ended with me getting to the airport with plenty of time so I decided to satisfy myself with a HOT meal. When I mentioned to the manager that the patty was small, he asked if he could bring me a dessert. I accepted and was given a hot chocolate lava cake- great food for my trip home. Am I lucky or what?