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People Talk About the Gentle Yoga Video

“The emphasis is on self-awareness and working within comfortable limits toward attainable goals. I recommend this program to people who find public classes overly challenging and want a yoga-based home practice appropriate to their special needs.”

– Yoga Journal

“Yoga works. You just have to do it, and this video may be a good way to practice for many who wouldn’t do it otherwise.”

– Yoga International

“This kinder, gentler fitness regime is oriented toward older people and those who may have let their bodies go but are ready to make a commitment to better health.”

– Video Previews, BILLBOARD Magazine

“The instruction is clear. … I used the stretching exercises for eyes and neck, accompanied by deep breathing, and they left me feeling relaxed and energized. Recommended for public libraries with a demand for exercise and weight management videos.”

– Tracy Kaltenbrun, Video Rating Guide for Libraries

“… personalized/gentle variations [of yoga] for just about anyone (male/female, young/old, slender/obese). … If followed regularly, Gentle Yoga would provide viewers better control over their bodies.”

– Nancy Z. Spillman, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

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