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Learn Gentle Yoga from the originator of Gentle Yoga with Naomi®
A specialized training that makes yoga available to all Sizes, Ages & Fitness Levels

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Proposal for Teaching Plus Size Yoga

Course description
Teaching Plus Size Yoga is based on the principles of Gentle Yoga with Naomi® developed by Naomi Judith in 1982. The goal is to make the healthful, calming, rejuvenating movements of yoga accessible to anyone, of any size, at any age. Additionally, the trademarked techniques offer a simple approach to vibrant health and permanent weight management. Teaching Plus Size Yoga is geared to the yoga instructor who wants to have an effective method for teaching the plus size students in their class or to teach only plus size students.

Course presentation
Each class is taught in 4, 8 or 16 hour modules, depending on the number of CEU credits. Based on the Gentle Yoga with Naomi® Teacher Training Manual and Student Manual, each class will provide scripts to teach specific poses including:

  • Lower back poses and hip openers
  • Seated sequences head and neck movements
  • Cat series
  • Hip openers
  • Seated spinal twist
  • Standing positions
  • Wall stand
  • Deep relaxation

The Teacher Training Manual is included with the class. Preview Teaching Plus Size Yoga Teacher Training Manual.

I found the Gentle Yoga teacher training to be effective and enjoyable. I learned how the mental aspect in addition to the physical aspect is essential to successful weight loss. Now, I can add these new elements when I teach yoga to my students who may have specific health or weight challenges. - Sue Berry, Lakeside, CA

I have a useful addition to my 200 hours, which will help me to teach plus size students in my class and more sensitive to their needs. - Jordana Carroll, Las Vegas, NV

Have you considered expanding your existing yoga teaching practice by adapting poses for special needs students?

Would you like to increase your income by reaching a relatively untapped specialized market?

Open your classes to women who are plus-sized and thought they could never take yoga classes before.

This course will provide you access to an untapped market.

Increase your Confidence and Skills

Grow your repertoire of creative classes for heart patients, over-sized women and the mobility challenged.
This course offered only to credentialed yoga instructors

Course includes:

  • on-site didactic lectures by founder of technique
  • tools to keep
  • instructor’s manual
  • student video
  • marketing materials:
  • certificate as trained by founder of program

The Gentle Yoga with Naomi® Teacher Training Manual:

  • teaches you a full set of specific sequenced routines
  • offers modifications to classical poses
  • provides clear photographs of over 100 poses
  • includes easy-to-follow scripts with benefits for each position
  • explains benefits and reasons to practice Gentle Yoga

and so much more.

Click here to download a copy of the Teacher Training CEU Proposal

Please Contact Naomi or 760-419-9817 to schedule her for your next event.