Student Testimonials

…For me, the improvements have been outstanding.

Naomi is a gifted yoga instructor. Her classes are filled with 25+ students both at the beginning of the semester and at the end. For someone like me, who hasn’t enjoyed physical exercise, I’ve found the right teacher and the right exercise for me. Naomi has been a Yoga instructor since 1982 and her enthusiasm for her work has not diminished. She consistently comes into class prepared…she frequently relays the importance of “outcomes” and that we need to set our goals and monitor our improvements.

…For me, the improvements have been outstanding. Having a serious back issue (fused spine with rods, nuts, bolts and screws) has impaired my flexibility, movement and balance. All of these issues have improved this semester along with learning to BREATHE correctly to reduce stress and tension. After avoiding exercise most of my life, now I can hardly wait ot get to class and on my mat. No one is more amazed than I am over finding an exercise I enjoy so much and that is also good for me. All this at 70. Glad I didn’t give up looking for my “bliss”. Thank you Palomar College, Thank you Naomi! I feel a new world has opened to me and I’m deeply appreciative of Naomi and the administrators who have brought this wonderful woman to teach her passion and share her expertise with her students.”

– Nona McClue, Retired Center Mgr., Poway & Mt. Carmel