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Gentle Yoga with Naomi Exercise Video - DVD

The DVD that started it all… Gentle Yoga with Naomi®
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The Yoga Journal "recommends this program to people who find public classes overly challenging and want a yoga-based home practice appropriate to their special needs."

I was overweight and out of shape. With Gentle Yoga with Naomi, I am losing about two pounds a month, without changing anything else.  - Meryl R., San Diego

I'm more flexible, feel healthier and stronger physically, more energy, less joint pain, and can now keep up with my grandchildren. – Millie

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Making yoga accessible to anyone, of any size, at any age.

Gentle Yoga with Naomi® is a form of classical hatha yoga that its originator Naomi Judith has practiced and taught for more than 30 years. Although trained and certified in the traditional hatha yoga system, Naomi developed this gentler, slower paced practice to make it more accessible to people of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. The Gentle Yoga with Naomi® system removes any fears or challenges in doing yoga, while it also assists with stress reduction and weight management. It creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort, fostering self-acceptance and self-love.

Certified by the Yoga Alliance to train Yoga Teachers

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