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Dear Naomi,
I have heard that eating late at night is bad for you. Do you agree with the information from the "Harvard Newsletter Medical Review" that a calorie is a calorie?

Dear Wondering,
I don't believe in the theory of calories. What's most important is learning to eat when you are hungry and eating what you love. When you focus on wellness instead of weight, you notice that you will feel better if you don't eat late at night. It's not so much a question of calories as it is of being kind to your body. We were designed for sleep at night, not digesting food.

* Naomi's No-Diet Diet Tip: Eat light at night!

Dear Naomi,
Do you believe in the "set-point" theory—that in order to lose weight you have to lower your set-point with exercise?

Dear Confused,
There is much talk today about burning fat to lose weight. It is very important to exercise—not just to lose weight, but to feel good. Your body needs and wants to move. It is up to you to find a safe exercise and do it on a regular basis so that you are changing your lifestyle and improving the quality of your life.

* Naomi's No-Diet Diet Tip: Find an exercise you love and just do it. Even as little as 20-minute sessions three times a week will make a vast difference.

Dear Naomi,
I thought you had to burn calories to lose weight. Yet you maintain that an exercise program of Gentle Yoga will support a weight management program. How is that possible?

Dear Contradiction?,
Losing weight is not merely a question of counting calories. How many times have you just eaten cottage cheese and carrot sticks and not lost an ounce? You need to help your body to digest and eliminate the food you eat. Gentle Yoga works on all the systems—the endocrine, hormonal, and the organs of digestion and elimination. Another key factor is relaxation.

* Naomi's No-Diet Diet Tip: Do Gentle Yoga and learn to relax.

Dear Naomi,
I have been on and off diets most of my adult life. I've tried dieting on my own, and I've even tried the Diet Center, Jenny Craig, and Nutri-System programs. Why can't I keep the weight off?

Dear Desperate,
Going on a diet is counterproductive as a long-term method for keeping fit and trim. You may have noticed the diet cycle. It goes like this: diet, elation, starvation, lowered metabolism, resistance, bingeing, then shame. To break this cycle, start loving and accepting yourself the way you are. Take baby steps to release the unwanted habits and learn new habits.

* Naomi's No-Diet Diet Tip: Eat only when you are hungry. Learn to notice when your body needs fuel. Recognize hunger pangs versus other needs to eat. Are you hungry, angry, lonely, or tired? Remember . . . HALT!

Check out my video "Why Diets Don't Work" to learn more.

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