Gentle Yoga with Naomi Student Manual and Exercise Video – DVD


Gentle Yoga with Naomi Student Yoga Manual with Gentle Yoga Exercise Video DVD

2 half-hour Gentle Yoga routines.


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Gentle Yoga with Naomi Exercise Video - DVDA video that makes yoga easily accessible to people of all sizes, ages and fitness levels. If you’ve never done yoga, haven’t exercised in years, feel you’re too old or too overweight, this is the program for you. Gentle Yoga with Naomi® simplifies the yoga movements so the healthful, calming, rejuvenating benefits are accessible to everyone-in the privacy of your own home. This weight and stress management regimen features calming gentle warm-up poses, active, easy postures to improve strength and flexibility, followed by a series of cool-down movements which balance and reintegrate the body, mind and spirit.

Each DVD has 2 half-hour yoga routines.
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European - PAL format

European – PAL format


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